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The Self Assessment deadline is almost here!

For the 2018/ 2019 tax year, 958,296 taxpayers (around 8.18%) missed the 31st January 2020 filing deadline with 11,122,967 returns being received by the 31st January 2020. For the 2019/ 2020 tax year, you want to make sure you are part of the over 11 million taxpayers that got their returns submitted on time.

It has already been confirmed by HMRC that they will not be extending the deadline or removing the automatic fines of £100 due to Covid-19 so you must ensure you make this deadline. HMRC may be accepting Covid-19 as a reasonable excuse, but after going through the hassle of appealing the penalty, you may as well work to get it completed on time.

As of writing, there are less than 20 days left to get your tax return completed and submitted to ensure it is on time and to avoid any late filing penalties. If you are stuck with your tax return or just need a little bit of help, then we will be more than happy to help you, all you need to do is get in contact.

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