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Revis & Co 25 year anniversary - developing the business

It's odd to think that I would have been just four years old back when my Dad, Andrew, founded Revis & Co 25 years ago. I started working for my Dad quite early on- I have a very fond memory of sitting on his lap and 'helping' him write numbers onto spreadsheet paper. I couldn't have been much older than 8 at the time but I was very interested in what Dad was doing, and it didn't take me long to progress onto photocopying and shredding!

Since those days, things have changed a lot within the business, and I am happy to have been involved from such an early stage. I was first officially employed by the company at 16 years old when I started doing bookkeeping. At this time we were using two rooms of our house to run the business; the front room and one of the upstairs bedrooms. There were 4 of us working in the front room downstairs and 1 person upstairs- which thinking back to now is absolutely mad! We are now situated in our offices in Cosham high street with 6 full-time staff.

One of the biggest changes the business has faced has been the movement to cloud accounting and how much technology has improved our industry. I remember when cloud accounting was becoming more widespread with MTD on the horizon, and Dad said to me that he didn't want to do it. It was then that I helped and developed Revis & Co into a leading cloud firm, which Dad now sees the benefits from.

I am happy to say that I have been working with Dad for over 10 years now, helping to create the business that we have today. We still have many more plans and ideas on how we can grow and improve, so it is very exciting to see how the next 25 years are going to go!

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