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Updated: Aug 25, 2020

As time goes on and more shops and businesses start to reopen, the question is being raised about when we are going to be going back to working from our office. This question can have multiple different answers to it as there are lots a varying factor’s that change where we stand.

Over the last few weeks we have been introducing new measures at our office to enable us to work safely whilst following government guidelines. Some of these measures have been tested whilst we have been doing our paperwork drop off sessions and have proven to be successful. Some of the measures that we have introduced will not be able to be properly tested until we have returned.

In our last post we mentioned that one factor of us not returning to the office yet is that we were having a new internet line installed. We can now say this line has been successfully installed and this is no longer a factor in not returning to the office.

We have faced some difficulties in returning to the office with the main one being ensuring our employees can socially distanced whilst in the office, as we do have a small office. It would now appear that we have successfully moved the furniture around and we will be able to socially distance in our office.

We are currently aiming to reopen our offices for our staff to return on 29th June 2020. This date is not currently set in stone and we are constantly reviewing this and discussing the options with our staff as we will only be returning to the office when our staff feel comfortable and safe to do so.

When we do re-open our offices, we will still not be allowing any of our clients into the main office and clients will only be able to come in to drop off paperwork to us. All meetings will have to be done either over the phone or via video calls. We are expecting this to be the case for the foreseeable future. During this time, we are encouraging as many of our clients as possible to take up digital means to communicate with us and to submit paperwork to us.

We will be keeping all of clients up to date with what we are doing here and on our social medias.

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