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Another Coronavirus Update

Following on from the Government's announcement last night about the National Lockdown in England, we have made the decision to suspend our paperwork drop off sessions until further notice.

What does this mean for you?

This means that you will not be able to bring in your paperwork whilst someone is at the office, you are however still able to drop off your paperwork to our office as long as it fits through our letterbox, is labelled and packaged well. Please note that we will only be going to the office once a week to collect any paperwork dropped off so there may be a delay of up to one week until we receive your paperwork, so please bear this in mind in regards to your deadlines.

As before, we do have digital ways in which you are able to get your paperwork across to us which we would like to encourage all of our clients to take advantage of so please get in contact with us about this.

We will continue to monitor the situation and we will update our website and social media if anything changes.

With this in mind, our employees are still working from home and will continue to do so until at least March 2021 which is when we will review whether or not to return to the office full time.

We have taken this decision to protect our employees and to keep them safe as the safety and wellbeing of our employees is our number one priority.

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